Are you tired of sleeping on the ground or cramped in the cab of your truck. The Horse Trailer Camper adds a living quarter to any trailer. This Trailer Camper isn't just for horse trailers put it on any trailer, ATV, Motorcycle, Utility trailers. When your going anywhere or doing anything and need a place to sleep or store produce while relaxing or doing business this easily attached and opened camper, will be an asset you can't live without.

It is quick to erect and stow away and is fully self contained inside the case for your ease and convenience. It comes with a mattress, pegs, ropes and poles to complete the setup. It's easy to setup and it's convenient location also make it great for day events as   it   provides shade, storage and somewhere to stay away from the flies.  



  No more hassle with where to store the tent and all the work to set up simply park it and 10 minute later your off having fun.   Awnings to keep you out of the sun and rain, or   to sit around in the evening with friends.



I don't know about other people but personally I have turned down quite a few fun opportunities to go on a ride because I did not have a living quarter in my trailer. The trailer camper is an AFFORDABLE way to add an area off the ground to sleep or just relax.  

  It can be fitted to either side. Most installations are relatively straight forward and once fitted it is designed to be convenient to use when required and out of the way when not required.



The Horse Trailer Camper folds out into a double bed and annexed area. It sleeps up to 4 people, 2 on the bed and if required   2 on the annexed floor. Heavy duty canvas used throughout

Comprehensive weather proofing with lips to stop water entering

Double-sided zips and fly screens on the windows and doors

Price & tax per unit  3203.00

Also includes local installation


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